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Millennium’s Service Specialties

Millennium's approach to consulting is broken into four segments of service, through which we drive your initiatives:

Strategic Planning and Execution

Millennium Benefits Consulting focuses on long-term commitments and strategies. Listening is where it all begins. We listen closely to understand your company’s strategic goals and business objectives – and from there begin our partnership to create the benefit program you need for the future.

Financial Management
Today’s benefit program is very different than even five years ago. With such a fluid marketplace, the financial demands on your organization are stronger than ever – and they are coupled with uncertainty. While the environment is complex and it requires detailed, consistent management and analysis, your financial plan results should not be a surprise.

Service Management

Your benefit program defines your image to employees, consumers and to stockholders. The program should also provide a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining employee talent. Millennium’s approach to service removes the burden of benefit management from your team because we become the benefit managers – without boundaries or limitations we customize the service that your organization demands.

Communication and Employee Education

Communication is the key to realizing benefit value. Many employers offer high quality benefits at a fair price to employees, but fall short in communicating this fact to the employees. In our age of benefit “consumerism” – a well-executed communication plan is essential to establishing positive program results and a satisfied employee population.



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